The Escapist
Electric Dreams
Runaway Dream
I Am Energy
Porcelain Painted Dream
I Scream Colors
Biff! Bang! Pow!
Natural Gas
Finding The Forever Prism (WIP)
Finding The Forever Prism
Cosmic Trooper
View From The Stage
The Forever Prism Guarded By Triplets
Tout Petit La Planete
The Wave
Truth Teller
Geometric Giant
The Secret Visitors
Electric Guest
The Forever Prism with Cats
Falling Up The Forever Prism
 acrylic on plexiglass  2016
 enamel on street sign  2015
 acrylic on wood panel  20" x 20"  2013
 acrylic on wood panel  2014
 acrylic on wood panel  24" x 36"  2013
 acrylic on wood panel  22" x 28"  2013
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